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    EY Academy of Business

    Be a reader, be a thinker, be a problem solver.
    EY Academy of Business - A Tradition of Excellence

    The EY Academy of Business offers world class training to develop the business skills and abilities of: top managers and business owners, department heads, mid-level managers and professionals in various industries and lines of business.

Open courses in English


IFRS Diploma

Course programme
This is a modularized course program, which will comprise a mixture of lectures, questions and answer sessions, practical exercises and illustrations, home study, home tests, and finally an exam for your diploma. Participants will receive comprehensive course notes, which include summaries of the key elements of IFRS together with exercises and illustrations and their solutions

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Finance for non-finance

For whom: This training module is addressed to participants without formal education in finance, who, because of their day to day needs, are involved in a financial process and are required to apply and interpret information contained in financial statements.
► Understand how business decisions made, impact key elements of your company’s financial statements.
► Feel more confident when talking to partners from the finance department.
► Search the financial statements of your own company, as well as those of your counterparties and competitors in order to find needed information.

Learn more about Financial Statements - Take action - Module A
Learn more about measuring and monitoring performance- Module B

Lean Accounting

Lean principles affect not just manufacturing operations but also every aspect of your business. This two-day course is designed to help the organization move away from the batch-and-queue accounting flow and towards lean thinking.

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Computer Science & Philosophy

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  • Course duration:1,5 years
  • Study level:Undergraduate
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Courses are delivered in a motivating and pleasant atmosphere in the form of workshops. These encourage vivid interaction and involvement of participants to ensure fast and solid learning. You will not want the course to end!
All our trainers are professionally qualified and experienced in the areas they teach while at the same time being professional trainers with many years of experience. Without exceptions all the Academy trainers have to go through a long and rigorous training process to qualify as trainers.
They have trained thousands of professionals over the years and are fully dedicated in the training profession applying methodologies that have been tested for years. Their experience ranges form low to high level of audiences, from the UK to Asia and from single open courses to customised programmes for specific needs.
This team of international trainers have developed not only products for the open market and specific organisations but also university postgraduate courses where practical skills are embedded.

We are very proud to say that the EY Academy of Business has never failed to satisfy its clients whether small firms, large listed companies or individuals that look for practical skills for their professional career.

Adding value - Our aim has always been to provide effective support to all staff and management in order to develop their skills which will help them achieve the goals of their organisation. These goals will be short term as well as long term and strategic. Every training we deliver is carefully linked to the HR Process of the organisation.

EY Academy of Business Romania works in partnership with EY Academy of Business Poland.

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