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COVID-19 – Mobility during times of crisis

Claudia Sofianu

Claudia Sofianu

Partner | People Advisory Services Leader
Ionel Pasniciuc

Ionel Pasniciuc

Manager | People Advisory Services – Global Mobility

As Covid-19 continues to spread, the question of how to approach the virus in everyday working life becomes increasingly important.


Are you ready?

In many respects, Covid-19 cannot be differentiated from other waves of disease, such as seasonal flu. However, given the expected scale and potential economic consequences, wider measures may be needed.

The health of your employees is a valuable asset that must be protected. In this respect, precautions must be taken to ensure that both your staff and your company can meet the challenges of Covid-19.


Travel restrictions in Romania

Due to the rapidly changing dynamics of the global health alert for COVID-19, travelers must rely on official notifications of travel and entry restrictions in different localities and countries. As regards Romania:

  • Flights to and from Italy are suspended. Air operators are also required to communicate to Romanian citizens who will board from Italy, China, Iran and South Korea to Romania, with a stopover, that they will be quarantined or will self-isolate themselves on the territory of our country.
  • Air operators are required not to allow the boarding of persons of nationalities other than Romanian coming to Romania, with a stopover, from Italy, China, Iran and South Korea.
  • The suspension of road transport of persons for all travels to and from Italy was approved. The measure is valid from 10 March to 31 March 2020.
  • Rail transport to and from Italy shall also be suspended from 12 March until 31 March 2009.
  • Access to foreign citizens coming to Romania from Italy, China, Iran, South Korea, regardless of the means of transport used, is permitted only on the mandatory condition of quarantine or self-isolation, as appropriate.


Up to this point, travel alerts are available for the following states: People's Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Madagascar, Singapore, Vietnam, The Kingdom of Thailand, Iran, Israel, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Turkmenistan.


How do public authorities react?

The suspension of the educational process for pre-school, secondary, high-school, post-secondary and vocational education was approved from 11 to 22 March 2020, with the possibility of extending this measure according to the situation.

Companies and public institutions recommend for the employees, especially those who already have health problems that put them in the risk category in case of coronavirus infection, to work from home or take sick leave.


How does the business environment react?

For the current situation, more and more private companies allow their employees to work from home, which is also stipulated by Romanian labor law. Such a measure is beneficial for everyone since Covid-19 has a high rate of infection.

All business trips (customer meetings, projects, trainings) outside Romania are now postponed or cancelled. Similar measures are also taken for business events with a presence of more than 25 people.


EY is joining you in this challenge

EY's Crisis Management Compass is a robust crisis management framework designed specifically for mobile populations to increase the organisational capacity to manage difficult events such as the COVID-19 epidemic. The guide contains up-to-date information on global travel bans and helps to limit the potential impact on your employees, reputation, costs and liability.

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