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Reporting obligations and VAT checks at the end of 2018

  1. Mandatory VAT checks and reporting at the end of the year
  • Inventory at year-end – input VAT adjustment obligations for missing inventory
  • The necessity to adjust the input VAT on technological losses, perishables and other potential own consumption
  • Exercise of the right to deduct the input VAT and checking the annual input VAT adjustment obligation related to the capital goods
  • Finalyzing the pro-rata computation for 2018 year-end and possible adjustments of the deducted VAT
  • Checking and reporting on exceeding the threshold for goods / services provided free of charge within sponsorship actions
  • Verifying the limitation period for refundable VAT amounts
  • Requiring from the tax authorities a taxpayer sheet in order to analyze the outstanding VAT obligations at the end of the year
  • Submission to ANAF of the notification regarding the final calculation of the pro-rata related to 2018, within the deadline stipulated by the law (January 25, 2019)
  • Request for special pro-rata (January 25, 2019)


  1. We also recommend you to perform the following checks

For the acquisitions of goods and services

  • Checking the existence and relevance of the supporting documents related to the purchases of goods and services performed in the last 5 years
  • Additional input VAT deduction for transactions with inactive, radiated and with invalid VAT code taxpayers
  • Checking the involvement of suppliers in potential VAT frauds and adjusting previously deducted VAT amounts

For the supplies of goods and services

  • Obligation to collect the VAT for continuous supplies of goods / provisions of services
  • Checking the supporting documents of the VAT exemption applicable for intra-Community supplies and exports
  • Output VAT adjustment on unpaid claims due to clients’ bankruptcy and reorganization procedures, based on the existence of the relevant supporting documents for each case
  • Checking and reporting the threshold exceeding for goods granted free of charge within the protocol events
  • Verifying the application of the correct VAT rate for restaurant and catering services versus food supplies, due to the recent VAT rate changes

 Other checks

  • Verification of the annual turnover related to the threshold applicable for the type of VAT payer, the VAT cash accounting system and the application of the special scheme for small enterprises and also the monitoring of the tax obligations on each case
  • Checking the market price of transactions performed between related parties with limited VAT deduction right
  • Checking the refund option in the VAT returns (especially if you are near the expiration of the prescription period)
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