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State aid for the development of innovative ICT services

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State aid scheme to support the development of innovative ICT products and services created by SMEs.


Order no. 1093/2082/2020 approves the State aid scheme to support the development of innovative ICT products and services created by SMEs, under priority axis 2, research priority 2b - Development of ICT products and services, e-commerce and demand ICT, action 2.2.1 "Supporting the value added growth generated by the ICT sector and innovation in the field through cluster development", call 3, from the “Competitiveness Operational Program 2014-2020. Objective of the State aid scheme”.


State aid provider

The provider of state aid is the Ministry of European Funds, through the Competitiveness Operational Program Management Authority (COPD).


The objective of the state aid scheme

The state aid scheme provides financing for a series of activities necessary in the implementation of projects that ensure the development of innovative ICT products/ services/applications with applicability in the following fields:

- IoT, smart city/ village/ agriculture etc.;

- Cyber ​​Security;

- Big Data;

- Artificial intelligence; Blockchain/ Virtual Reality (VR)/ Augmented Reality (AR);

- Electronic transactions;

- E-government/ e-administration/ e-health/ e-education;

- digitalization (automation, robotization) industrial


Field of Application

The state aid scheme is applied throughout Romania, for enterprises operating in the following economic sectors:

table no 70


Types of aid and method of granting

The aid is granted in the form of   non-reimbursable financial assistance, as a direct grant, in one or more installments.



The beneficiaries of the state aid scheme are SMEs (micro-enterprises, small enterprises, medium-sized enterprises) with activity in Romania in the economic sectors mentioned above, under certain conditions.


Aid intensity and eligible expenditure

The maximum aid intensity that can be granted under this State aid scheme varies according to the type of project, as follows:

- between 20% and 80% depending on the region of project implementation and the type of SME (micro and small or medium) in the case of regional investment aid

- between 50% and 80% for research and development projects

- 50% in the case of aid for innovation for SMEs and aid for organizational process innovation.


The maximum amount of state aid granted per project under the state aid scheme is EUR 5,000,000. The minimum amount of state aid granted per project under the State aid scheme is EUR 1,000,000.


The budget of the scheme

The total estimated budget is EUR 45,000,000. The maximum estimated number of State aid beneficiaries of this State aid scheme is 45.


Accumulation of aid

State aid granted under this State aid scheme may be combined with:

- any other State aid, in so far as those measures concern other eligible expenditure;

- any other State aid, in relation to the same eligible expenditure, which overlaps in part or in full, only if the cumulation in question does not result in the highest aid intensity or the highest amount of aid being exceeded that aid under Regulation (EU) no. 651/2014, amended and supplemented by Regulation (EC) 2017/1,084.


How to apply?

The development of the scheme will take place on the basis of competitive calls. The projects will be scored based on evaluation criteria targeting the relevance, efficiency, socio-economic impact and sustainability.


More details on the criteria and sub-criteria for evaluating funding applications are presented in the applicant's guide.


The EY specialized team is available to clarify the above issues.

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