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The registration in the REX system and the proof of preferential origin

In this issue:

Origin of goods – new certification rules in trade between the EU and India, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Armenia, Congo, Guinea, Liberia, Lesotho, Kyrgyzstan and other GSP countries

India, Pakistan, Armenia, Congo, Guinea, Liberia as well as other GSP countries whose transitional period regarding the implementation of the REX system has ended are no longer entitled to issue ‘Form A’ certificates of origin for exchanges of originating products with the European Union. Therefore, exporters from the countries mentioned above can only certify the origin of the goods if they are registered in the REX certification system.

Until 30 June 2020, exporters from Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh Philippines, Lesotho and Kyrgyzstan will still be able to use, in parallel, the system of origin certification with origin certificates ‘Form A’. After this date they will be able to certify the origin only if they are registered in the REX certification system.

What to do?

If you are importing goods from the above-mentioned countries, in order to benefit from tariff preferences upon importation into the EU (customs duties reduced or zero), we recommend that you make sure that your suppliers have registered in the system REX and that they can issue for you a proof of preferential origin.

Prepared by:
Mihai Petre – Director, Indirect Tax
For additional information, please contact:
Alex Milcev - Partner, Head of Tax&Legal

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