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Which are the new measures to streamline the traffic of goods through the Romanian customs offices?

In this issue:
New measures to streamline the traffic of goods through the Romanian customs offices. The authorities encourage economic operators to use simplified customs clearance procedures

NAFA has developed a set of measures that will be implemented at the level of the territorial customs offices in Romania starting with August, considering the long customs clearance awaiting time and to help economic operators during COVID-19 crisis.

In the context in which in Romania, currently, simplified customs clearance procedures are used in a percentage of 10% compared to the EU average of 65.57%, among the most important measures considered by the authorities we mention:

  • directing the goods presented for import at the border customs offices to the inland customs offices responsible with the area around the importer's premises;
  • encouraging the number of economic operators to request and obtain the local customs clearance procedure;
  • allocation of additional human resources for customs offices with high activity;
  • carrying out, with priority, the import formalities within the border customs offices for perishable goods, groupings or those subject to tariff quotas.

Through its notification, NAFA reminds the economic operators of the advantages, both from a logistical and financial perspective, of using the local customs clearance procedure (i.e. registration in the declarant's records). More precisely:

  • reduction of expenses with customs formalities (reduced frequency and number of customs declarations to be filed);
  • import VAT deferment;
  • cumulated payment of customs duties for a previous period of 30 days;
  • directing the goods to the importer's premises without immediately submitting a customs declaration (without physical presentation at the customs office);
  • diminishing the interaction between the company's staff and customs officials, in the context of the COVID-19 crisis.

We note that the local customs clearance procedure is also useful for economic operators importing or exporting from/to the United Kingdom, considering that starting with January 1st, 2021 customs formalities will be applicable between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

We would like to remind you that:

-        the application for using the local customs clearance procedure can be made online through the EU Customs Decision System.
-        obtaining the authorization involves the applicant fulfilling certain conditions, like: financial solvency, experience of at least 3 years in the customs field, submission of a comprehensive guarantee, completion AEO self-assessment questionnaire, internal procedures etc.

How does the above influence the activity of your company?

If you import or export goods, it is possible that in the next period the customs clearance process will change with an impact on the activity of your company. In this context, we recommend that you early apply for the use of the local customs clearance procedure.

Our EY specialized team is at your disposal both for obtaining the necessary authorizations and for their successful implementation. These include:

  • local customs clearance procedure;
  • approved consignee/consignor for transit authorizations;
  • authorized economic operator “AEO".
Prepared by:
Mihai Petre Director, Indirect Tax
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